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Are you amazed by the vast array of electronic equipment that you can install in your vehicle? The choice of products available in today’s world of technology is staggering. But how can you isolate your power supply, stabilise the voltage, or convert from one voltage to another safely and efficiently whilst on the move? By using Alfatronix DD and DDi Series Voltage Converters. What exactly can we do for you?

A Steady Power Supply Do you need to stabilise your voltage supply to your equipment and deal effectively with electromagnetic interference? The DDi Seriesare perfect for dealing with variable input voltages. Electromagnetic interference can cause havoc when operating equipment and our range of voltage converters will eliminate this and stabilise the power supply to your products. The way we stop and start our vehicles has added to the challenge of maintaining a constant source of power supply. On many vehicles, the engine cuts out when it comes to a halt to conserve fuel. To combat this, the DDi Series maintains steady supply of voltage when this occurs. 48Vdc-12Vdc Converters Do you need to convert 48Vdc down to 12Vdc? The DD Series Voltage Converters can do this for you. Maybe you need this for your forklift truck, telecommunications vehicle, bus, boats, etc. They will protect your system from being overloaded, from too much voltage, or overheating, so that you can use your equipment with confidence. Different Ranges to Choose From As premier designers and manufacturers, we offer an excellent range of converters for you to select from. In the 12Vdc-12Vdc range, you have the option of three different products to suit your requirements. In the 24Vdc-24Vdc collection, you can choose from four different products depending on the number of watts that you require. In addition to these, we offer three 48V-12V products with a choice of different wattage options. Your power supply will be converted efficiently using up-to-date switch mode designs. The principles in this clever technology are identical to the ones that we use for the hugely popular PowerVerter range. Quick Installation How easy is it to install these DD and DDi Series Voltage Converters? Thanks to a simple but clever design, it can be fitted quickly and easily. We use a simple “click ‘n’ fit” system, which can even be installed onto irregular surfaces. How does it work? Using the three points of the mounting clip to attach it to the desired location, the converter unit is clicked into place. This innovative design allows you to fit these systems in difficult to reach areas. How do you know when it is ready to use? The converters have a green LED unit which lights up when there is output from the power supply system. This makes it easy to diagnose any faults after it is installed. Would you like to find out more about our unbeatable DD and DDi Series Voltage Converters? You can contact us here on our website, or you can call us today on +44 (0) 1202 715517.


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