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The advances in technology has made the world a smaller place. If you need to work or contact anyone, anywhere, anytime, you can do so with the touch of a button on your mobile phone or your tablet. How can you ensure that your equipment remains fully charged up, even when travelling? You can do so by installing one of our PowerVerter USB chargers in your vehicle, either commercial or private. Alfatronix are communication and power supply specialists and our products can guarantee that you will always keep connected. What can we offer you?

Trains, Coaches, and Buses

If you are a commercial operator, why not consider installing our PowerVerter USB chargers in your transportation system? Our PowerVerter USB chargers can be fitted on trains, coaches, and buses for the convenience of your clients. In 2015, train operators in the UK began trialling integrated USB charging points for commuters. In addition to transporting customers to their destination, USB facilities enable people to work whilst they travel and communicate with others, without the fear of any device losing power. The same is true for buses and coaches – the added value you offer your clients could result in more people using your service, thereby increasing profitability.

Features and Benefits

Our PowerVerter USB chargers represent some of the latest advancements in technology available. How much space is needed to fit these products? Depending on the type you select, they only require approximately 20mm of rear space. How’s that for economy? The super slim design is aesthetically pleasing on the eye, as well as guaranteeing a high level of performance. Do you prefer a single or a double output? The choice is yours. The design of all our PowerVerter USB chargers include a two-tone finish which would complement and even enhance any setting. What would happen if there was a surge of power? There’s no need for you to worry. Our PowerVerter USB chargers are equipped with a short circuit protection system. Once the fault has been identified and removed, it will start up again automatically. This means any commuter can use these chargers without any fear of damaging their devices.

Compatibility and Versatility

The market for electronic devices is vast and extremely competitive and they use different operating systems. Does this affect how our PowerVerter USB chargers work? No. If you have an Apple device, it’s perfect for you. What if you have an Android phone? What about an iPad or tablet? No problem – our PowerVerter USB chargers are versatile and compatible with virtually any device. This also applies to both 12Vdc and 24Vdc systems, because our USB units can be connected without the need for any adjustments.

Contact Us Today

We have an excellent selection of PowerVerter USB chargers for you to choose from. What if you are unsure what model or range is right for you? You can contact us on our website today and we will do our best to help you to choose the perfect USB charger. You can also phone us on +44 (0) 1202 715517 now.

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