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What is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you can always start your vehicle or maintain power for other important applications? By using our PowerTector Battery Guards. Alfatronix are power supply experts and we have a wonderful range of solid state battery guards for you to choose from. Consistent power is essential for vehicles and protecting your battery will save you money in the long run. What makes our PowerTector Battery Guards so valuable and what can we do for you?

An Important Function This sophisticated device will monitor the voltage and disconnect any products from the battery if the power drops below a pre-determined level. This ensures that your vehicle has enough voltage in the battery to start your vehicle or perform essential applications. What happens if your lead acid battery is totally discharged? This can cause significant damage to the cells and greatly shortens the life of your battery – sounds very expensive. The PowerTector Battery Guard can also disconnect equipment at a lower voltage level to protect the battery from completely discharging, whilst allowing you to fully use the battery. Wide Selection of PowerTector Battery Guards How do you know what model to choose? We offer a wide selection of PowerTector Battery Guards for you to consider. There are six models that range from 10A to 200A. What are some of the differences? The 10A and 20A units feature a simple inline system, which is normally connected to a piece of equipment. They don’t need to be mounted on the chassis. You just connect the device and tie wrap it within the wiring system. What about the 40A and 60A units? These are installed using M6 brass bolts. The 100A and 200A models used M10 brass bolts. To avoid any rocking or excessive stress, they use a three-point mounting system. Other Important Features What if you need to shut down your system? You can do so manually using a dedicated switch or by turning off the ignition. The 100A models have the option of an override switch for your convenience. This means that you can reactivate your unit for four minutes in case of emergency situations. What happens when the threshold level has been reached? It has an alarm output feature, which will activate for 50 seconds prior to disconnection. This clever design feature means that you can restart your engine. All the units have a fully programmable feature for different scenarios, which is quick and easy to set up. They are attractive to look at and have a LED display to indicate the operational status. Timed Versions Do you require a timed version of our PowerTector Battery Guards? You can specify when you want to disconnect the output after you have turned off the ignition. When the ignition is turned on again, the unit will reactivate itself. So, whether you require a standard or timed version, we have just what you need. Would you like to receive any additional information about our PowerTector Battery Guards or any other products? Please speak to us now on +44 (0) 1202 715517, or you can contact us here on our website.


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