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Here at Alfatronix, we specialise in providing a range of excellent power supplies. One of the types of power supply we provide is the impressive AD series. This series of power supply can be used to supply mobile radio transceivers and other appliances from the AC mains outlets used in offices, portable site cabins, telephone exchanges, ships and oil rigs and so on.

Of course, there are many useful series of mains power supplies on the market so what advantages does the AD series offer in particular? Here are five of the reasons why the AD Series could be ideal for you:

Ideal for travelling abroad

It can be irritating when travelling abroad to need to buy a different type of power supply or to carry a separate converter to enable it to work. Handily, AD series units accept either European 230Vac or US 115Vac inputs and are available in 12V, 24V and 48V output configurations. The input on these units is easily adaptable via a standard IEC-320 C13/14 power cord with UK, European or US mains plugs, meaning that you can use the AD series wherever you happen to be.

Fast installation

If you’ve invested in purchasing a power supply unit you don’t want to leave it lying around on the floor at risk of potentially being tripped over or, worse, damaged. That’s why the AD series comes with the T-shaped mounting clip common to many of our products, which allows each unit to be installed quickly and simply in unobtrusive locations such as under desks or on walls. The clip can be fitted even on uneven surfaces, making it supremely handy for keeping your AD series safe.


AD series units are housed in a rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminium extrusion. The low mass of their surface-mounted components give them an excellent resistance to shock and vibration, thereby increasing their reliability. AD unit also come with full circuit protection, carrying transient, overload and overheat protection, which allows them to operate even in the most demanding circumstances.

If, by some fluke, there is a problem with your AD series unit – no problem! Each unit is equipped with an LED light which indicates when there is output from the converter, thereby helping engineers to identify a fault more quickly.

Desktop versions also available

While standard AD power supplies offer a versatile solution, you can always try one of our desktop versions if you need a more mobile solution. These are configured to attach to a variety of radios radio forming one handy, dedicated unit.

Comes with battery charger

In addition to a desktop version, our AD series power supplies also come with a supplementary loom which provides a fixed voltage battery charging facility.

Contact us today!

By now you can see the versatility of AD Series power supplies. Do you think the AD series might be suitable for your industry? Please do get in contact with us here at Alfatronix and we’ll hook you up with the right unit straight away.


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