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Alfatronix Enhances The Passenger Experience……

Since 1979, Alfatronix has been manufacturing innovative voltage conversion and onboard charging products here in the UK for use throughout the automotive industry worldwide.

Unrivalled product choice, brand adaptability and engineering ingenuity has provided the foundation to which the company boasts an impressive portfolio of products that are installed on nearly all buses and coaches nationwide whether it’s USB charging to enhance the passenger experience, or wireless, USB and smart device holder to improve passenger comfort by enabling the passenger to stream and charge their phone while on the move.

The story began in 2015 with simple A type connector charging points installed in or under the passenger seating to the more sophisticated wireless charging products available today which can be integrated into seating consoles, tables and media benches.

Due to the increasing use of smart devices on public transport, staying connected on a journey with reliable charging and streaming is a passenger expectancy irrespective of demographic. The new Alfatronix Podsole facilitates this with the introduction of the wireless and option of either A&C or C type charging smart device console. A degree of customisation and branding is available too permitting the operator to convey messages to their passengers or simply coordinate and refine finishes to enumerate and enrich the passenger experience.

Claire Phillips

Sales Director

27th February 2023


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