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For the comfort and enjoyment of passengers on a long, dark overnight journey, a reading light is often an essential addition to a passenger bus or coach. However, it can be difficult to achieve the right ambient lighting to satisfy all passengers. Some passengers on the journey may be trying to use the journey as an opportunity to get some much needed shut-eye, while more wide-awake travellers might want to read to keep themselves entertained.

Seat mounted reading light

This dilemma is often solved by dimming the lights of the vehicle and letting passengers use private reading lights, which are typically installed in the ceiling of the vehicle with the intention that they shine down onto the appropriate seat. Yet often the distance between the ceiling and the seat means that these reading lights must be bright to be effective, posing a potential annoyance to passengers trying to sleep nearby and also a rear view distraction to the driver as they catch flashes of the lights switching on and off.

A better way of resolving this issue is through the use of seat mounted reading lights. One of the seat mounted reading lights which we offer here at Alfatronix is the PVPro-L, a personal seat mounted reading light which offers a discreet solution to the problem. Here are the advantages of the PVPro-L:

Easy to install

The PVPro-L can be installed in the back of the seat in front of the passenger. As it is situated in the back of a seat, there is no stream of light from the ceiling, so neither the driver nor other passengers are distracted. With its slim design it can also be installed with as little as 20mm space in the back of the seat – perfect for smaller vehicles!


The PVPro-L offers discreet, directable personal lighting which is easy for the passenger to switch on or off. If the user is concerned about disturbing others, they can simply direct the light left, right, forwards or back – a compromise that offers maximum comfort for them and their neighbours.

Fits with chargers

The PVPro-L reading light is designed to match with our popular PVPro range of USB chargers which can be easily installed into any vehicle. With their own personal light and the ability to charge their laptop or mobile phone, these two simple but inexpensive additions will significantly enhance the quality of your customers’ travel experience.

Operates in all temperatures

The PVPro-L is capable of operating at temperatures from -25°C to 50°C. Whether you’re travelling down a freezing cold road in the Highlands or on a sunny day in Cornwall, the light’s always shining.

Contact us today!

Hopefully you can see why seat mounted reading lights are an excellent way of keeping your passengers happy. Why not contact us here at Alfatronix today and find out more about the PVPro-L? Just visit our contact page and get in touch with us by telephone or email now. We’d be delighted to give you a quote and answer any questions you may have.

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