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Dual output converters and voltage stabilisers

We are proud to be celebrating the success of both the stabilised dc-dc voltage converters

for providing a clean 12vdc /24vdc voltage where required and the dual output converters which provides a permanent output and one switchable feed via the ignition for maintaining radio memory and permitting correct shutdown of the DVR for CCTV.

The sensitivities of modern electronic equipment to variable input voltages, susceptibility to EMC interference and in some cases, the need to isolate the supply has made voltage stabilisation an important section of our product range. Start / stop technology has added to this problem and here at Alfatronix we are seeing more demand for our wide range of 12-12vdc and 24-24vdc isolated products that ensure a stable and reliable voltage on board the vehicle.

Some automotive equipment, such as radio communications usually has two links to the vehicle’s electrical system, one for memory back-up and one for switching the equipment on / off. In addition, the DVR for CCTV in some cases requires an additional input to permit correct shutdown when the vehicle ignition is switched off. The dual output converter is used by Sure Transport for this application.

The on / off function is controlled from the ignition switch so that when the ignition key is removed, the equipment is turned off, preventing the battery from becoming discharged whilst leaving the memory back-up circuit still active.

Both products are currently installed across vehicle fleets throughout the UK and Europe where they are working behind the scenes to provide this all important power conversion for every day equipment.


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